Things You Need To Know About Military Girlfriends


I have been with my boyfriend, an Indonesian army soldier, for over three years now. To be honest, it’s not that easy. In the beginning, I thought that it will be just like having relationship with ordinary man. Like what normal people do. No one told me about this kind of relationship. Well, I’m not from military family either, so yeah, no one told me.


Three years now means a lot. There are many lessons learned from this not-so-typical of long distance relationship. There are moments that really sad, and there are times when it’s real happiness. And I hope by sharing these would enlighten other girls that might have the similar experience.


1. Missing him can be painful


Okay, so you miss him but there’s nothing you can do about it. Normal couple would be like, call each other, texting, or anything else. But when you know that your boyfriend is on duty, and he can’t reach his phone, or maybe got no signal. Maybe all you can do is reading old texts, looking at your photos with him, text him even when you know he’s not going to read it. I suggest to keep yourself busy with positive activities, like blogging, travelling, eating foods you love–so it won’t be too painful when you miss someone but there’s nothing you can do about it.

2. We’re the master of Long Distance Relationship


“Long distance relationship is like dating a ghost.” – quotes from If I Stay. Sadly, that’s true. As a military girlfriend, you have to accept the fact that you will be always on Long Distance Relationship, unless you’re married or you live in the same town as your boyfriend lives.


Thanks to Skype, for making communication easier (but the worst part is the poor quality internet connection). Sometimes, we’re just looking at Skype waiting pop up on the screen that shows our boyfriend is online. Feels like miracle.

3. Feel much safer


I mean like, who’s gonna dare to hurt you if you have strong and brave soldier as a boyfriend?

4. Get a chance to see him is a miracle


Being three years with him, I can count how many times we actually met. Being in a relationship with military man means that you have to be ready when he’s going to be on duty for uncertain times. And I don’t mind about it. Luckily, I’m not that kind of girl who always wants a date every Saturday, or need to be texted or called on every single day. Military girlfriends are strong woman. And the most exciting part was always the time when you meet him after loooong duty he had done.

5. 24 Hours available

Military man needs to be available for 24 hours. They have works to do for serving this country. For example, when he’s off duty for some days, having holidays, and you’re so excited meeting him on the first day. Suddenly, tomorrow, you got news that they have to return or go to somewhere they are commanded to. As a military girlfriend, we have to understand that.

6. They fall asleep so easily

So, you were watching a movie with your boyfriend, and suddenly he fell asleep until the end of movie. Or maybe when he called you and suddenly there’s no voice of him on the phone. They have super busy and exhausting activities all day all night, no wonder that you’ll be left sleeping aways by them. But that’s okay, once again, we have to understand their conditions.

7. Better at Geography


When you have military boyfriend, suddenly you’re better at Geography. You know more places that you don’t know before and sometimes you travel to those places just to see your boyfriend.

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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor