Things You Need To Know After Graduation


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Graduation is one of the best achievement in your life. Wearing a heavy toga and receive your diploma at your hands seems to be the most equal pay to hard works you did during your final essay or project. Wearing a beautiful kebaya whether it’s spesially designed just for graduation or rented, book a makeup artist to make you look beautiful on your biggest day, you will feel very blessed and extremely happy. Not to mention that, you will get thousands of congratulations from your friends, family, or relatives. There’s a relief inside your mind. Graduation is a momentary euphoria. The most important thing is not the graduation, but what will you do after graduation? Before you graduate, you have to know these things.


#1 Your first job might not your dream job

While you’re in college, you might imagine where you will be after graduation, what you will be doing, and so on. The reality? After graduation, you will apply to every company that has job vacancy and apparently you don’t get the job you always dream about.


If you’re not lucky enough to get your dream job, well at least you have go through with it. Good luck!


#2 Your job might not suit with your major

You’ve learnt so many theories and practices while you’re in college. After you study hard just to get excellent GPA, and pass with satisfying grades, it turns out that your first job is not what you actually learned back at college. For example, your major is Biology but your first job is a teller at a Bank? It’s okay though, don’t be sad. The job that you think is not the one might not be a sign to your horrible future. Just like Annisa Purbandari, who studied French Literature but end up as the founder of the most trustworthy web for people to seek jobs. See? If you know what I mean.


#3 Reality will be so much fun than what you think

There are a lot of adults that told you this and that, how suffering adulthood will be. It’s just the part of your life. If you want to succeed, there will be thousands of trials coming for you. Being success is not that easy. Just think that you’ll no longer have to do your final thesis at nights, or being stressed because of it. There are more fun things ahead after graduation. Are they?


#4 You will always a friend who is instantly success

If you care about your friends, there will be always, like, one or two of your friends who has their career instantly up high like skyrocket, compared to you. They can buy house, cars, or whatever faster than you. Don’t be jealous with them. Make them as your motivation to work better. Because they might deserve it. Maybe they work harder than you. Don’t let jealousy trapped you of moving ahead. Learn from them, and apply it on your work.


#5 Keep learning

Graduation is not the end of your learning process. And you should now that you don’t always take Master degree to study again. Try to learn things you didn’t get at college to add positive values to CV. There are many things you can learn, such as public speaking, learn to negotiate with people, or maybe how to make a better presentation. Don’t think just because you graduated you have already know everything. Hard skill is important, but when it comes with great soft skill, you’ll be successful in the future. So, keep learning!


#6 Everyday is interview

The most wanted after you graduated is job fairs, isn’t it? At job fair, you will apply to every booth at job fair who offers job vacancy that matches your major. And eventually, you get so many calls for interview. It’s normal because it means you’re the opportunist. (Read: 6 Tips For Successful Job Interview, What To Wear On Job Interview)


#7 You don’t always to do full-time jobs

You don’t need to work full-time after you graduate. If you can’t stand sitting for a long time in front of your computer, doing things you don’t like, then don’t do it! There are many options beside working full-time, you can choose to work part-time, freelancer, or maybe become your own boss. (Read: Tips Sukses Buat Kamu Yang Ingin Menjadi Freelancer)


#8 Networking is important

Maybe, there was a time at college when you saw your friends as the outliers, not popular to be your friend, but he/she becomes one of the most successful person at your college with wide range of connection you need him/her to help you. Having a relationship with old friends important, it’s part of maintaining your network. But it doesn’t mean you befriend someone just because you think she/he will have a bright future that will help you. Befriend with as many people as you can!


#9 Revise Your CV

Some of you might think CV is less important. As long as it looks fine — biodata, experience, and education are on your CV. Ooops, you just made a big mistake. CV is a key to your next step when you apply a job. (Read: How to Make Your CV Looks Better)