This Book Will Help You To Tidy Up Your Stuff


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Have you ever heard of Marie ‘Konmari’ Kondo? Marie Kondo is a Japanese woman that provide organizing consultation. She helps people to organize their life, specifically their stuff. Not only that, Marie Kondo also writes two books about tidying. The first book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. And the second one is Spark Joy.


To be honest, I didn’t read her first book. When I bought her book, I had no idea about Marie Kondo at all. It turns out that Marie Kondo is an international phenomenon. Even Ellen DeGeneres invited her to be on Ellen’s show.


Through Spark Joy, Marie Kondo taught me how to tidy up my life. It starts from tidying up my stuff. Marie shared her stories when she helped people to tidy up their house on this book. There are several steps to tidy up your stuff. The first thing you should tidy (according to her book) is clothes, next is books and finally sentimental items.


In this book, you will also learn how to fold your clothes in a simple way. From shirts, outer, skirts, or pants. Her folding method saves your storage space, it’s a skill that everyone should have. To save up some space, every piece should be folded into square no matter how weird your clothes are. According to Marie Kondo, every item on your room/house should spark joy. So whenever you see your item, you feel happy.


After reading this book, I started to tidy up everything in my room. And when I finished, I had two large bags filled with things that don’t spark joy for me. I decided to give them to someone who needs it more than me. And I feel my room more spacious than ever. And it’s now easier for me to find stuff that I need.


Here’s a video about Konmari folding method you can try:


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor