This Planner Will Help To Make Your Dreams Come True

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img_3179Ever wonder why sometimes your plan that you planned well didn’t work? Planning isn’t just about one or three steps ahead of something you want to do, yet you have to think the impact of your plan. “If I did this or that, would I be better? Would I be more successful?”, you have to think far more ahead than what you write on your to-do list today.


As for myself, I love to create–not just daily goal–but weekly, monthly, and yearly. Every new year (or when the year ends), I write some new goals and review some of my previous goals that didn’t happen. I review it why didn’t it work? Was it too much or not realistic? I review so I can plan better.

img_3181img_3186img_3183Now my plans are far better and achieved faster than I thought before. I love writing all my plans on my book. Writing help to visualize what plans I should do to achieve the goal I want. And I just found the most beautiful and helpful planner that make my dreams come true. This beautiful planner (created by Tint Stationery) has everything that will help you to achieve your goals. It’s very detailed and easy to use, also it’s so instagramable.

There are many sections that you can write down your plans. You can write your monthly goal, and your reward on habit building section. You can also write your weekly priorities and daily plan for every month. This très-chic planner will help you to shape up your future better.


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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor