Tips Organizing Your Closet


organize your closet

Have you ever feel how frustrating it was when you search your favorite clothes on your closet? Or when we need something to wear on an urgent occasion? Clean and neat closet really can ease our life. Instead of taking every clothes out from your closet just to find some clothes you want, it’s better if we organize our closet nicely to ease your search. Here are few tips to neater and cleaner closet:


Color coded

Organize your clothes color-coded. For example, hang your blouse from the lightest to the darkest color. This could ease us to find clothes we want to wear.

What to Toss and What To keep

Does it fit? When will I wear this? When was the last time we wear this? Does it have stains or hole? Can it be fixed? These questions can help us to decide which clothes we will keep and toss.

Keep, Donate, Sell, Toss

Separate your clothes into four categories: keep, donate, sell, and toss. Places items that you want to toss on a plastic bag and make sure that clothes you want to toss are ruined and can’t be fixed. If you think you have clothes that are still valuable, you can sell them or donate them to those who need.

Mismatched Hangers

If there are broken or bent hangers, toss those hangers. Broken hangers can damage your clothes. Make sure all of hangers have the same size. Large or bent hangers can take up some space on your closet. There are many type of hangers you can use to keep your clothes on shape and prolong the life your clothes. Wooden hangers are for tailored jackets, satin hangers are for delicate fabrics, plastic hangers are for button down shirts.

Store Similar Items Together

Store similar items on one place. don’t store everything on your closet. Store your jewelry and accessories on a box for easy searching. And also, organize your clothes based on types. Place short sleeves together, long sleeves together, and your dress together. So you will be easy to find your favorite clothes.

Take Time

Organizing your closet takes a lot of time and energy. Just make sure you have all day to organize them. Especially if you have a lot of clothes. Try to organize your closet on a holiday or when you’re not busy. Happy organizing!


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Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor