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Beside choosing clothes, shoes, or bags–girls have one common problem: choosing the perfect selfie. Taking hundreds selfies, but only one you think it’s perfect. Not stopping there, after choosing the perfect selfie, you feel like you need to edit it before you post it on social media. The It Girl has few apps that you can use to edit your selfie. (Read: Best Photo Editing Apps)

#1 Facetune

Available on: App Store, Google Play

Facetune isn’t a free app but worth the money! This powerful app allows user to enhanced their photo to little details, from remove flyaways strands, remove panda eyes, acnes, and much more. Enhanced your selfies is fine but don’t let it changed beyond your true face.


Available on: App Store, Google Play

This app has many features that help non-professional photographers edit their photos into professional photos. With so many details features and filters, no wonder that your selfie will be much better.

#3 Afterlight

Available on: App Store, Google Play

If you like your photos has dreamy, or vintage theme, this app is a must have for you. With Afterlight, you can add light leaks, grain, or other textures you like.

#4 Photoshop Fix

Available on: App Store

If you love to use Photoshop on desktop, you will love this Photoshop app on your phone too. With this app, you can use healing patch to remove unwanted spot or something on your photos. It’s a great option, and it’s totally FREE!

#5 Insta Emoji

Available on: App Store

To make your selfies funnier, you can add emojis to your photos with this app. Choose your emoji, resize it, or rotate it if you want. Super fun for group photos and it’s free but only available for iOS users.

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Winny Irmarooke

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