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Managing your money could be a difficult task. Especially for shopaholics–buying stuff that you don’t actually need. If you feel that it’s quite difficult to manage your finance, try these useful apps that will help you to manage your budget, so you can save more money!

#1 HomeBudget (iOS, Android)

This paid app offers many features that will not make you disappointed. HomeBudget has a feature that will help you to record all of your expenses, budget, and your accounts. Why we love it? It has user-friendly design so it’s easy to use.

#2 (iOS, Android)

With this app, you can detail your budget precisely. Features offered by this app are similar to HomeBudget but way more cleaner and neat. could help remind you to pay your bills so you won’t be late. Absolutely useful.

#3 Mvelopes (iOS, Android)

When you open this app, you will find few questions about your financial goals. After that, you can design your budget as you can afford. You can also track your daily, weekly, or monthly expenses easily.

#4 Money Manager (iOS, Android)

If you’re the type of person who puts design first before functions, you would love this app. It’s very simple yet functionally detailed. Similar to previous apps, you can create budget. You can also use this app on PC. With this app, you can see your financial report whether it’s monthly or annually.

#5 Pocket Expense (iOS, Android)

You can get this app for free on app store or google play store. Even though it’s free app, doesn’t mean this doesn’t have useful and complete features. You can manage your budget because Pocket Expense provide a budget management feature.

Start using these apps and see your finance conditions will get better. Which one is your favorite?


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