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Tsamara Fahrana of Tint StationeryBuilding a business takes a lot of trial, error, and hard work. Especially when you do it while you’re still a double degree undergraduate students. But, this girlboss successfully managed her time to do it all. Not just that, her product also help others to create a better future. If you’ve seen this beautiful planner, it’s made by Tsamara Fahrana.


From her loving to read psychological and business books, she was inspired to create an ultimate Self Development Planner. This beautiful planner isn’t just a to-do list planner, but it has few guides that help you to achieve your goals.


Studying economics doesn’t stop her to create this planner. With a help from her friend and YouTube tutorials, she finally made it to create not just an ordinary planner, but a Self Development Planner. We’re so excited to introduce another inspiring woman who turned dreams into action.


Name: Tsamara Fahrana Putrityas

Age: 21

Location: Jakarta

Education: Universitas Gadjah Mada & Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Current Title/Company: Founder of Tint Stationery


What’s your first job after graduated from college?

Growing TINT Stationery to gain more exposure will be my focus after I graduate. Trying to build an efficient business that helps people in achieving their long-term goals.


This summer I will graduate from Universitas Gadjah Mada with an economics bachelor. Since I am enrolled in a double degree program I have been given the opportunity to spend parts of my study abroad, studying “Economics and Business Economics” at Erasmus University Rotterdam.  Earlier this year, I decided to intern in the field of finance at a multinational consumer goods company. Mainly to learn how I can manage and make better financial decisions for TINT Stationery.

Tint Stationery

Tint Stationery is very one of kind! What was the idea behind Tint Stationery?

Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that and I am happy to get a lot of good feedback from my customers.


In my free time, I love reading psychological, business and self-help books. I noticed there were recurring themes, patterns, about how people can improve themselves. The catch was these suggestions were purely suggestions that you will forget within a few days of reading it. I wanted to create a tool that helps to achieve personal long-term goals, with psychological proof. Seeing how these guidelines really helped myself improve when I was growing up, I decided to help others in achieving their goals with the Self Development Planner.


I really needed the motivation, inspiration, and discipline the planners gave me, and thought how nice it would be if I could help others in the process of becoming successful in their own terms too.


I always see so much potential in people and love seeing people working towards their dream, and being passionate in what they do. Not everyone have the luxury or the discipline to do so, including myself, since no one’s condition is ever the same.

Tint Stationery

Can you tell us the process of making Tint Stationery? Do you have a team or you just do it by yourself?

I think it was June 2016 when I was reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, and had a “Eureka” moment. I knew I wanted to create a planner, where people don’t just write down their to-do list, but guides them with proven methods to achieve their goals. I was determined, but I didn’t know anything about designing, or how to produce a book. I told my best friends and they really encouraged me to go through with it. I learned a lot about doing layouts from scratch (thank you YouTube tutorials) and organizing my ideas. It took us three months to finish the planner, and a month for the production. Personally, I felt “the flow”, a mental state that creators swear by. I was so energized, super focused, and open to ideas from others. I really enjoyed the process.


I am lucky to have my best friend from junior high school, Nadia Fadhila, who shared the same visions and is a self-taught illustrator. She motivated me through the process and created the beautiful monthly illustrations that made the planner a one-of-a kind.


I now have a team who help handle the day-to-day business process. They are all really good friends of mine, which I am super lucky to share this journey with.

Tint Stationeryimg_3798

Who is your role model? Why?

Definitely my parents. My mother encourages me to be whoever I want; the freedom and guidance she gives me allowed me to continually search and develop the things I love. She teaches me the power of being passionate, of being kind, of being creative, and always seeing things in a different perspective.


My dad supports me a lot in whatever I do and gave me extremely helpful advices in how I can make TINT Stationery a successful business. He discusses my business and future with me all the time and taught me to be responsible for the decisions I make, and to always work hard and be discipline for whatever I want.


Both my parents are very open-minded people, who support me 100%. I couldn’t wish for better parents. I am very lucky and thankful to have them guide me.


What’s the most memorable moment of your career so far?

I am touched when people write me about how just having the Self Development Planner changed their life or how some enthusiastically ask about the methods. One day I received a mention from a customer who has been experiencing difficulties in her life. She said she was depressed and constantly anxious, and she feels hopeful and positive from reading the planner’s content. She regularly updates me with her progress and asks how she can improve even more. The feeling that I can help her with something I worked on is truly humbling.


Since many people haven’t used a planner like the Self-Development Planner, I am happy to see how the skepticism of some turns into great success. I have people contacting me through tintstationery@gmail.com asking about how the methods in the book can help them, I am always happy to answer them.


What’s your advice to young girls out there?

Be courageous in following your dreams!


Always, always go for the experience. Find opportunities for you to grow. And learn from others.

They always have something to teach you if you look through the right lenses. This will teach you a thing or two in being resourceful; the one skill that always come in handy.
And ultimately to be happy and joyful; don’t wallow in what others think of you. You are entitled to all the happiness you can have, so only worry with what you can directly influence.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor