Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Shopping

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It’s just another ordinary day. You’re browsing through your computer as usual when you lay your eyes on a cute dress you don’t need. Then just in a click, the dress is yours. Or when you’re in a mall, killing time while waiting for your friends. As you walk you see a store that puts a sale sign in front. Without thinking twice you pick it up, walk to the cashier, and now you’re the new owner. However, not long after that you feel guilty instead of happiness. Here are 5 tips on how to beat impulse buying:

#1 Don’t go to the mall or online shopping sites unless it’s needed

You only get the urge to buy if you’re in the area. Only go when you need to purchase something. Even then you need to go with a list. Once the list is all crossed out don’t go window-shopping.


#2 Create a 30-day list

You can do this by waiting for 30 days when you have the urge to buy something. After a month has passed, most of the times the urge will have passed. If it hasn’t you can buy the item.


#3 Ask these questions to yourself

Do I have another one like this already? Why do I want to buy this? Do I really need it? Will I regret it as soon as I purchased it? If there’s even a slight doubt in your answer, don’t buy it.


#4 Don’t stay in one place for too long

When you spend longer time in a store you will most likely buy more. Don’t linger, as it will affect how much you’ll buy.


#5 Be clear of your goals

Keep your savings goals in mind. Think twice before buying how this purchase will affect your goals. Reaching your goals is more important than giving in to your impulse.


Alliyya Lathifa

The It Girl Writer