What Happen After VMA 2015?



Yes it’s been a week after MTV hosting their annual Video Music Award 2015. After it ended there are lots of thing happening. The event is the place where can be use for the artist to announce their next plan. Well, as you know Kanye West will run for 2020 US President then we have Miley Cyrus announced her new album at the end of the show. Surprisingly, this year as she got picked as the host of the VMA she bring different atmosphere into the event. But what happen after that… exactly on the next day there are lots of musician that announcing their new single and their new video clips. Let me take you through it…


1. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

“What do you mean? When you nod your head yes, but yo wanna say no”

Well it’s finally here. After month of gimmick through out his Instagram, JB finally perform his new single ‘What Do You Mean?’. I guess that this song is about how the boys feel when they ask the girls and they answer it with uncertain answer.
In his performance he also had a little moment, when everyone applauded his performance. This is a very catchy song with and electric pop kind of music. No more ‘baby’ Bieber… he is now a grown up man

2. Miley Cyrus – Dooo it!

Finding the true you is not an easy job to do. Trying everything from head to toe and sometime on the process we have a meltdown moment. That’s what happens to musician too. As we know that Miley first appearance as Hanna Montana; regular girl by day, superstar by night. From there she tried to find ‘herself’ trough many transformation. It’s not only the appearance but also through her music. This is her new single from her upcoming album that soon to be released (so do wait!).She performed this song as the closing song of VMA 2015. Yes, her performance brought different experience to VMA. Even her new video clip is different with the other. In this song she only filmed her face area only and using props like glitters and milk. Go and have a look…

3. Tyga – Stimulate

I guessed this is where we all finally know whether Tyga and Kyle are in relationship. In this video clip, Kyle Jenner appeared as the model of the clip.

4. Taylor Swift – Wildest Dream

Same with Miley, Taylor Swift always gives surprises to her listener in her music. Through out the years, her music becoming more mature and it also influence to her music video. This time she uses Africa experience mixed with Gatsby theme and the 50’s theme. In this video we also get chance to see Taylor Swift in brunette.

Happy watching girls!


Pratiwi Putri Anugerah

Co-Founder & Editor