What Successful Women Do Almost Every Day

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When we see successful women, sometimes we want to be like one of them. But, in reality we just dream about it. It’s great to have dreams, but you need to step up if we want to successful woman. It’s doesn’t have to be the hard effort. You can start from easy one, such as doing things like what most successful women do every day.

Need some inspirations? Here are some activities of successful women you can copy.

#1 Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important menu to start your day. Choose breakfast that is not to heavy but enough to stuffed your hunger until afternoon such as oatmeal, or smoothie bowl. Avoid food that is high on carbos because it will cause an early sleepy time for you. (Read: Healthy and Easy Pancakes Recipes You Should Try, Green Smothies: An Alternative of Eating Veggies).


#2 Exercises

Almost every successful women exercise every day or morning. If it’s too difficult to exercise every day, you can start exercising by doing three times a week. Start from something you like or take your friends with you to exercise together. (Read: 5 Exercises You Can Do Without Go To Gym)


#3 Create to-do list

Before you start your work, create a to-do list what you must do that day. You can start with high priority stuff. Creating to-do list will make you more productive because you know what you have to do. (Read: Free Printable To-Do List)


#4 Prepare for everything

One of successful women’s characteristics you must copy is always prepare for the worst. Yup, successful women always prepare everything, even for the worst. That’s why successful women always prepare at night. Starting from what clothes she going to wear, accessories, and what shoes she will put on. Successful women don’t like to be seen like she’s not prepared for everything.


#5 Spend money wisely

Who knows the successful #GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso doesn’t want to spend her money too much on fancy clothes. As the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia suggested to save your money more than you spend your money for something not important. Giving a reward to yourself it’s important, but stay on your limit. (Read: 5 Cara Ampuh Mengelola Gaji Bulanan Ala The It Girl)


#6 Having ‘me’ time

After a day of working time, feeling exhausted is very normal–both phyisically or mentally tired. That’s why you need ‘me’ time–special time for yourself. Check this infographic to understand the benefits of sparing ‘me’ time for yourself.

image by: mindbodygreen.com


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor