What You Can Learn From Lauren Singer’s Zero Waste Beauty Routine

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Lauren Singer Zero Waste Beauty Routine

image by: Garance Dore

Do you still remember Lauren Singer–the girl that live without any trash? Zero waste lifestyle is not easy. And Lauren got interviewed by Garance Doré about her zero waste beauty routine. So, what’s zero waste beauty routine of Lauren Singer?


#1 Natural oils as moisturizer

Lauren starts her routine by brushing her teeth. She uses a bamboo toothbrush and her DIY toothpaste. She washes her face with warm water and organic cotton washcloth. Lauren uses oils for moisturizers, such as sweet almond oil or jojoba oil.

#2 Minimalist makeup

Lauren admitted that she doesn’t wear makeup unless she needs to be in front of camera. Because her skin is very fair, Lauren only uses blush or bronzer from Well People, as well as mascara.

#3 Shea butter for highlighter

I just knew that you can use shea butter as a highlighter! That’s what Lauren does to keep looking fresh all day. Besides highlighter, Lauren uses it on lips and her hands.

#4 Olive oil as makeup remover

To remove dirt and makeup, Lauren uses olive oil and organic cotton washcloth. And then she washes her face with bar soap made by her friend.
So, how was that? It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? You can save much money by following Lauren Singer’s zero waste lifestyle. The truth is, you don’t need so much makeup keep looking pretty. Furthermore, using toxic beauty products too often is not great for your health. Looking pretty outside but sick inside? Hell no. It’s better to avoid toxic beauty products as possible as you can. (Read: Toxic Ingredients You Should Avoid On Beauty Products).


Winny Irmarooke

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