What You Need To Prepare Before Applying To College


Enroll in college is a little bit more complicated. Because each university has different requirements. To be accepted to your favorite university, you must pay more attention to these things:


#1 Find your passion & talent

Choose a major that aligns with your passion or talent. Don’t let yourself get bad grades because you pick the wrong major. If your talent is graphic design, then don’t take the medical school.


#2 Preparation

After you choose your major, start looking few reputable universities that good at the major you choose. Choose few universities, just in case it’s not like you have planned. Besides, even though the admission test is still far away from today, you have to prepare it for the best results.


#3 Tutoring or self-taught

The option to learn by yourself or tutoring depends on how you study. If you prefer to study in a group, and you need help from a tutor, you should choose tutoring. Choose tutoring center that fits your needs. There are some tutoring centers that offer a hundred percents guarantee you will be accepted at university you desired. And their offer is super expensive. Actually, you don’t need expensive tutoring center. There are some affordable tutoring centers which have great quality. But, if you want the expensive one, it’s okay.


#4 Marks important dates

Every university has different admission date. You need to find out when their registration date, submission date, and others. Knowing these dates will help you to see which university has the same test date.


#5 Prepare your documents

Documents are the most important thing. Prepare a few folders with copies of your important documents. Don’t forget to scan your documents. It will make your life easier because some universities already use online registration system. Save your softcopy on a cloud (google drive or dropbox) for easy access.


#6 Don’t wait for your friend

If you love to do every single moment with your gang, it’s okay. But don’t let yourself get disadvantage from waiting for your friend too long. You have to emphasize that you will enroll by yourself. Opportunity doesn’t always come twice.


#7 Alternative plans

Enrolling college isn’t easy as you enroll kindergarten. When there’s announcement and you are not on the list, don’t be sad. You have to keep trying and stay motivated. Try to create few alternative plans when you’re not accepted into university you want.


#8 Don’t over study

The most important thing is studying. Exam preparation is something you should concern. If you still rely on ‘calo’ service, then you can say goodbye to your dreams. Success belongs to those who are willing to try. But, don’t let your ambition affects your health. When the examination date is getting closer, it feels like you should study more and more. Give your body proper rest and it will boost your study.


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor