Where To Learn How To Code For Free



One of the most wanted skill this year and for the next years is programming skill. With this skill, you can add a great value to your CV. Moreover, you can customize your own blog without programmer’s help. Even build your startup.


Despite that, you think it’s already too late to learn something new. Don’t give up! Because it turns out that you now can learn to code for free and online! So, where are the places you can learn to code for free? Here we go…


#1 Codecademy

For beginners, Codecademy is a great place to start. You can learn to code step by step. Even it’s an online course, Codecademy has complete learning materials for you.

#2 Coursera

Coursera offers a lot of online courses from top universities around the world. By enroll a course on Coursera, you need to set your commitment. On every course, there’s a detail about how many weeks and hours you will learn the course.

#3 EdX

Similar to Coursera, EdX also offers many (not as much as Coursera) free programming courses. So what makes EdX different from Coursera? EdX was created by Harvard & MIT. Meanwhile, Coursera was created by IT company that collaborates with many universities.

#4 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the one for those who are too lazy to sign up. In Khan Academy, you can start learning without register first. And the learning process is pretty interactive!

#5 Udemy

Udemy might not be familiar. But, in Udemy you can learn to code for free. You will find paid courses but when you scroll down a little bit, you will find the free courses.


So, have you tried? What’s your favorite place to learn to code? Share with us!


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor