Working Moms Survival Tips: How Does She Handle It

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Working Moms Survival Tips -  How Does She Handle It

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Do you ever feel not accomplished much at the end of your day? Does your to-do list still have all the same items from yesterday and a few more for today? You look around and it seems like other moms do so much every day. What are the secrets of working moms who get so much done – it seems like they do it all.

Here’s the first secret, moms can’t do it all. Whatever “all” is to you (keeping your home clean, working full time, washing the clothes, taking children to schools or sports events, preparing school lunches, making dinner, helping with homework, etc), I don’t know any mom who can do it all alone.


As moms, we are busy. We have many responsibilities every day with our family and our work. Moms that appear to do it all know the secret of setting priorities. They always do the most important things first. They know that homework has to be done before play time. They know it’s best to make all the lunches, pack all the bags for the next day the night before.
These moms also set priorities with their time. We all only have 24 hours in a day. This makes moms only spend time on the things that are most important and top priorities for them & family. Setting priorities means less time on TV & social media and more focus time on important tasks.


Busy moms know when to say “No”. They realize they cannot accept every invitation, their children cannot play every sport and be involved in every after school activity. We all have time limits. Sometimes we have to say no, and that’s okay.
Moms keep their time and commitments. They don’t allow themselves being stressful. Because every day has too many activities. They select only the best commitments for themselves and their families.


Do you know the mom who seems like knowing what is going to happen next? No, she doesn’t know the future and she doesn’t read minds. But, she anticipates the future so nothing takes her by surprise. If the unexpected happens, she has a plan. She also doesn’t let the unexpected control her. She takes control of the situation. She doesn’t panic or become afraid, she knows what to do next. She stays calm when others are not.


Busy moms know the importance of getting rest and 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Being well rested is essential to getting things done. Without enough sleep, you will less energize to complete your daily work or to take care of your family.
You can be a mom that does it all too! Nothing can stop us to become a career woman slash ideal mom at the same time. Cheers to that xx.


Anandita Ade Putri