Zero-waste Shopping Essentials You Must Have

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One of my resolutions in 2017 is to reduce using plastics. The earth is now more filled with plastics but solutions for recycling plastics still lack of action. There are so many negative impacts caused by plastics. If you buy some stuff at the market, and you will dispose those plastics. Those plastics you disposed probably ended up at fish’s stomach, stuck at tortoise’s nose, or might kill endangered species.


To prevent those things, I would like to encourage The It Girl’s readers to reduce waste when you go shopping. I love shopping, but I don’t want to see this beautiful earth polluted with my waste. So, how’s that work? It’s very easy. You have to have these things when you go shopping.

#1 Shopping Bag

shopping bag reusable

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Plastic bags you got from supermarket will end up at landfill, even in the sea. This could be the main cause of how dirty our land now. By bringing your own shopping will be so helpful for this earth. Therefore, I always bring foldable shopping bag on my purse. Even when I shop for clothes. When I forget to bring my shopping bag, I prefer to put the stuff I bought on my purse or just carry it with my hand.

#2 Jars

image by: naver

image by: naver

It might be a little weird to bring your jars when you go shopping. But, jars are so useful to store many stuff, especially if you buy baking soda, liquids, or grains. Also, you can also store your leftover or anything you want on the fridge, rather than wrapping it with plastics.

#3 Produce bag

reusable produce bag

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You can use produce bag when you buy fruits or vegetables. Instead of using plastic bag, it’s better if you use this because you can reuse it for hundred times.

#4 Containers


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Every time you shop for meat, it definitely wrapped on plastics and put on plastic bag. But you can stop doing that buy bringing your own container. So much plastics are reduced!
If you’re still consider this stuff is weird, or not practical, then you’re still not ready for zero-waste lifestyle. But that’s okay! Everything takes time, right?


Winny Irmarooke

Co-Founder & Editor